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18 Today 12: The Big Ten Welcome to the Big 10¯ where there is much more on our minds than football. A ballin' of a whole different kind! So sit back, grab a brew and catch the play-by-play action.

18 Today 5: Back To School Summer is over for these horny boys! So it's back to hitting the books, the balls, and the cocks! Enjoy this fifth edition of 18 Today¯!

18 Today 6: Playtime It's time for more of those wonderful young men! Join us as we take you to the hottest hot spots. We'll show you all the guys that are ready for some hot action!

18 Today: Three's Not A Crowd These guys are innocent and sweet, bad and good, and as tasty as white chocolate. 18 Today #1¯ presents some of the most yummy, young men in America. Playful and willing, they will allow you any desire, fetish, penetration, or act upon their untouchable bodies. Any orifice, anytime, anywhere and anyway you like it, enjoy!

Amanda's Diary For Amanda's 18th birthday, she received a very special gift to mark the beginning of her new adult life “ a video camera! From this day forward Amanda, a true fan of Private, will record on videotape, all of her escapades and erotic encounters. Through the lens, Amanda will discover love and pleasure. Her sexual awakening will be shared with her closest girlfriend, Hanna, who has given her a dildo and the guidance on how to use it. That night, as her imagination absorbs what she has seen, she dreams of having sex with a man and a woman. The following day, she visits Hanna and together, they continue exploring dildo delights as the camera continues to roll. Hanna's handsome boyfriend, Alex, later shows his appreciation by giving them a hand. It's a happy horny birthday!

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 10 This one starts off with one of A.B.'s favorite guys these days, Mike, its a quick 8 min piece of tape. Mike was pretty ready to get off considering A.B. went down on him for about 20 min before he started shooting this piece of tape. Next up is a piece of tape that's going to surprise you, Its Jason again, this time solo. Well kind of solo, his girlfriend really likes to watch him jack off & asked if she could be there when A.B. shot the tape of Jason stroking his cock. Being the open-minded guy he is A.B. went for it, so Jason's GF is in the room watching A.B. videotape Jason working that 9 inches of his. Ok now this is where it gets even more interesting. We shot the previous piece of tape in the afternoon, later the same day A.B. gets a visit from Jason, his GF & our friend Steven, hmm this is getting to be a fun day! Not done yet, next we have our buddy TJ, A.B. shot this tape a while back & finally got around to putting it on a video. TJ starts out dressed & plays with that fine chest of his after bailing on his shirt.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 11 Our first guy is Taylor, he's 19 & originally from Texas he's bleached blonde, has a thick cut cock. This starts with Taylor on the couch; couple of min. of chat & AB has this hot little guy out of his clothes, & is lending a hand stroking his cock. Next up is John, he's 21 Hispanic, about 5'8", just under 7" & uncut, & one of AB's favorite boy toys. AB & John have been fucking around together for quite a long time. John finally agreed to let AB tape him stroking his cock. Next our buddy Jason (6'2", 215) is back with that thick 9-inch cock, some really short hair. You'll find out that its short because he's about to leave for basic training. Next, our favorite twink Mike is back to visit AB, this clip starts off with Mike naked & half hard sitting on the couch, He's watching a video & AB has the camera on the tripod. AB moves in & lubes up Mikes cock, & gives him a hand job.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 12 Ever wonder what a 20 yr. old blonde, 5'9" hard body college gymnast looks like out of those tights, & naked working his hard cock, time to find out! Ever wonder what one of those guys with the white pride tattoos on the backs of his arms would look like jacking off? Well believe it or not, AB probably found the only one of them that was willing to jack for your pleasure. Next piece of tape starts off with AB's cock in a hot mouth. AB met this guy on the net & before AB knew it he was on his knees & was giving AB head. This next piece of tape is one where AB was indulging the hell out of himself; it starts out with Jason naked on the bed, soft, & within a few seconds AB is sucking on his cock. It gets hard in AB's mouth, & this piece of video is pretty much AB enjoying the hell out of himself giving Jason a blow job. Not done yet, the next piece of video is pretty much the same setting as the last one, with the exception that AB is indulging himself on Mikes cock this time.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 13 First up we have Taylor & Mike, making out on the couch, hands down each other's pants, & cocks in each other's mouths! These hot young guys spend as much time kissing, as cock sucking on this piece of tape. Into French guys? Next up is a 25-year-old dark haired Frenchman named Sebastian, who shaves his balls & keeps his pubic hair, trimmed short. AB shot this tape on a trip to Vancouver & met Sebastian on the way to grab a bite to eat. Well one thing led to another & AB ended up taking Sebastian back to his hotel & taped him jacking off & getting head from AB. Next up is AB's most requested guy, TJ. He is naked sitting on the couch watching a video & AB moves right in & lubes up TJ's cock, & gives him a hand job until he shoots a load all over AB's hand. Next, up is someone with one of the biggest cocks yet, he's Tynan. He 21 goes to a university in northern Ca. is 6'2" thin, blonde, pierced nipple, & a Fat 9+ inches of uncut cock.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 14 Its paratrooper time! AB met this southern army stud on line, turns out he was going to be almost next door to AB during a holiday visit. This clip is "the morning after" Mitch had spent the night with AB, & AB woke him up by sucking his cock. Mario wants more of AB's cock, & AB is happy to help out. Within a few seconds of turning the camera on the same story as the last time they met. Mario is on his knees & sucking AB's cock. Taylor is back to pay AB another visit, this time Taylor doesn't get to touch his own cock; AB gets him naked on the couch, & lubes him up & gives him a hand job. Next up TJ gets some head. This clip starts with TJ getting stripped out of his clothes by his accomplice. There is a lot of chat on this piece of video, lots of fun talk, the 3 of us have a good time & it shows. AB added this next piece of tape just for the hell of it, its a quickie of Jason getting a hand job from AB. Tiny problem with this piece of tape is that AB had moved the exposure setting without noticing it, so Jason's chest & arms look a little washed out, but his cock came in just fine, with great exposure, & he just gushes such a huge amount of cum all over his cock & AB's hand that it had to go somewhere just for that cum shot alone!

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 17 First on this video is Mitch; he's a paratrooper from the south, with a hot body, & a hairy chest. This scene starts with Mitch on the couch, already hard & stroking his cock, wearing nothing but an army baseball shirt & a black jockstrap. Next Mitch is back, this clip takes place about 15 min after the last one, Mitch & AB were just hanging out talking after his last load & he just got hard again. Next Mike & Jason play together! Both start dressed & watching a tape isn't but a couple of min before the clothes start coming off. When they get naked Mike is already hard, Jason isn't, you get to see that cock of his get angry along he way. Next thing you see is Taylor's cock in AB's hand & AB is giving Taylor a lesson on how to use the video camera. Taylor is shooting AB giving him a hand job, so at first you're seeing it from Taylor's perspective. Our pal TJ is next; this starts out with TJ & AB hanging out & TJ talking about wanting to get his tongue pierced, & eating pussy. TJ was hella horny that day, & AB grabs TJ's crotch, undoes his pants, & pulls that hard cock out of his boxers. TJ strips out of his clothes the rest of the way & AB hands him the camera, gets between his legs & starts sucking away!

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 2 Scene #1 TJ is back! TJ is Str8, 20, lean, 5'10", dark hair, 8 thick cut in. We chat some as he strips, he talks about women & the positions he likes for fucking, how he likes getting his cock sucked & he really gets into it. The second scene is Ryan, he is 6'0", 180#, blonde, 21 yrs. old, & hella hot. He's a college swimmer/diver at a university here in CA. He's between meets so I got him with his legs & chest, hairy & bleached blonde from the sun. If you're into a Speedo tan line, thick hairy legs on a real swimmers body, & a big thick cock, you're going to love this guy. The 3rd scene is Junior, he's Str8, 19, 5'9", 155, about 7" cut cock, bleached blonde with a street guy look about him. Lean & smooth except for his crotch. He's nervous as hell about being taped while he Jacks off, & doesn't say a word, the look on his face is intense most of the time & he looks nervously into the camera a lot. For scene #4 TJ is back, I wont go into too much detail except to say this scene has lots of different camera angles, he doesn't talk much in this footage. In the 5th scene Shawn is back (Video #1) he's Str8, 20, lean, 5'11", 165, 7" cut cock, he's bleached his hair blonde since our last shoot, & pierced his tongue. Its shot on the bed & his scene is similar to juniors, he doesn't say a word, looks nervous & shoots a nice load.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 21 The Glory hole! Yup, that's right, glory hole. Here is how this came about. It occurred to me on one of my visits here that If I was careful how I went about it, I could probably get my camera in there with me & by using an infrared light, I would be able to shoot some stealthy tape. Next I have a visit from my pal Chris, you have seen him before on my videos, he's 19, lean, & sports 10 inches of cut meat. He is mostly str8, but is getting more willing to explore his bi side. My next visitor was Marty; he has dark hair & great dark eyes. He lived a couple of hours south of me & came up for a couple of days to visit & shoot some video with me. This clip starts out with him naked; the camera is on the tripod, & I'm stroking his cock. Next is a visit from a young man I fondly refer to as my favorite redneck, Steve. Just to explain that, Steve has "White Pride" tattoos on the backs of his arms, but before you jump to conclusions, it was a mistake of his youth, by the time we shot this piece of video, I had spent plenty of time with Steve, both on & off camera, & that really isn't who he is now. Now is a visit from one of my favorite men, Mike. He's on the couch, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. I reach in & take his cock out of the front, I pour oil onto his soft cock, & slowly start to stroke it.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 22 First guy up on this video is Justin he's from Seattle, is 25 & is a very hot man, he asked me to blur his face on the site, but he has dark eyes for days. We met on line & he came spent the night with me, so we did spend enough time together for me to find out he is one charming & handsome man. Next is a familiar face, my pal Jason. This scene starts off with Jason naked sitting on the couch, his cock soft & needing attention. Its not but a few seconds that you see me covering his cock with oil, I start stroking his soft cock slowly, he plays with his balls as I do, its not long before his cock starts to grow harder in my hand. & He's rock hard in no time. Our next young man is Marty, he's Hispanic, about 20, & lucky me, cute as hell. Marty & I sit & chat for a while, & he's watching one of video #3. As he is watching the video, he sees Brad, the last guy on the video, & it turns out that Marty & Brad had been fuck buddies in the past. Next up is my pal Mike, first thing you see is Mike standing The camera is on a tripod & you don't see his face right off, you see him from just above the waist, down. I hit my knees in front of him; he's wearing his baggy pants, so they slide right off when I pull them down, letting you see the rest of the boxers that had been sticking up from his pants hanging off his hips.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 23 First up on this video is Dillan, this is his first visit with me, he's blonde about 20, 6'3", cute & he had a boyfriend when we shot this, so I didn't really get to play with him (much). But he does a nice job showing us his 8 inches of hard cut cock. I talk him out of his clothes, in no time at all, &, ok, I do get to feel up his cock a little along the way.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 25 Our friend TJ is back to show off that great cock, & hot body. I hooked up with him on my way north on the last road trip. I made a stop in his new hometown just to hang out with him, & I'm soooooooo glad I did. The next young man is new to my web site. He had seen the info about being in a video here on the site & emailed me, & here he is. Chip is from the PNW, 23 years old, & loves getting his cock sucked, sounds like my kind of guy! Another new face is next; Logan is a sweet 21-year-old man I met up in Canada. He asked me to blur his face on the site, but he's not blurred on the tape & your going to have to trust me on this, he's a cutie with a great smile. Were not done yet, we have another new face, Nate a 19 year old raver boy, with short reddish blonde hair. This hot lean, hard blond loves shoving toys up his ass while he jacks off, & lucky for all of us I just happened to have a supply of toys with me. There is one more piece of tape for you on this video, a visit to one of my favorite places, the Glory Hole. A lot of you guys have sent me emails asking me where this one is & I'm not telling. I go there occasionally for some quick easy cock sucking.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 26 First up, is Greg, a 19-year-old university student from the P.N.W. He's also on Road Trip 9. After that road trip I managed to hook up with him again & this time he's at my place stroking that hard cut 8" cock on my bed. Next, our favorite paratrooper Mitch is making a return visit to Auntie Bob. This is the first time Mitch & I have been able to hook up in about 18 months. & He's looking as fine as he ever did. Next, a new face to my videos, & a hot one, this guy is a 22-year college student in Ca. He's played with the boys just a little bit, but is mostly into the ladies. He's got a great body, a hard cock, & loves getting head. Ellis is another new AB guy. He's 21, red/blonde hair, lean, grew up in the heart of the Midwest, & has fought as a light flyweight boxer. & Up until the day before we had shot this piece of video he had never been with a guy in any way.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 27 Ok, here's the story on this piece of tape. Mason from Long Clip 4 & I hook up again. He mentioned he had a friend he wanted to bring with him & that he was a cute little straight guy. Next, my favorite guy ever, TJ. I could spend the rest of my life between this guy's legs. Since I got so wordy with the last one Ill keep this one simple. I wasted no time getting him out of his clothes & then sucked his cock licked his balls & tongued its tight ass till he shot a big load all over his belly. On Road Trip 8, one of the guys I hooked up with in San Diego was a sailor named Jacob. As it turned out before his next trip on the ship he had a leave planned & he was only going to be about an hour from where I live. & Sure enough as soon as he got up here he gave me a call & next thing he knew he was naked on my bed & I was sucking his cock. Last we have another new face: A beefy college student from San Jose. He was totally into getting taped & was naked & hard in no time at all.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 28 We start this video with Tim; he's a hot lean boy from Texas. 20 years old, & cute as hell. This scene starts with him standing up & dropping his shorts. Next is another new guy, Luke. 19 years old, blonde & uncut! He is Bi, but leans toward the boys & has a really sexy deep voice. We chat for a couple of minutes but you know me, I have him naked quickly, he is on the couch jacking off, then standing above me as I reach up & stroke his cock for him. One of your favorite guys is next up, Phil. He paid me a visit a few weeks back, & as you might imagine most of his visit he spent naked & hard. Considering he's packing a thick 10" cock, I really had a great time with him visiting. Time for another new face, & oh my, what a hottie this guy is! He is Italian, 23, & nothing but muscle. One of the things I truly love about this guy is how comfortable he is with himself & his body, he has personality for days it goes well with his 6-pac.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 29 Tim starts this video off, the straight Texas hottie from Video 28. & Just like that clip, we waste no time getting down to it. One little difference here though, this time I finally got between his legs. Again a new face for the web site Lauren. 20, dark hair with a nice lean 8" cut cock: He had never done video before but was a natural. We start with him dressed, some music going & Lauren strips for us. On last summers Road Trip to San Diego one of the guys I met was Jacob Road Trip 8. A sailor who is kind of quiet & a little shy, has a hot body, & loves getting head, Yet another new guy, a 22-year-old lean hard boy from Seattle, Tate. He is like Jacob, in that he doesn't say a lot, but he doesn't have to. This clip is hot as Tate works his thick hard 8" cock for all its worth, Now a little bonus clip One more guy, & by far the most popular guy on my web site, TJ. Here's the deal, I wasn't planning on putting this clip on a video. This was one that was going into my private stash. Every time TJ & I hook up, there is usually one time when I suck his cock, & it's just for me.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 3 This video starts out with Kevin; He is shy about his face being shown on the web site, but not on the video. He is a natural on tape but just started at a university in Northern Ca. & A.B. promised to keep his face pics desecrate. Ryan is back 6'0", 180#, blonde, 21 yrs. old & 8 1/2 inches of thick cut meat. He's a ranked college diver & this piece of tape was shot pretty close to the tape in Video #2 so he still hadn't shaved off his body hair, I was happy about that, I love those thick hairy legs. Next up is Mike; if you're into baby faced 18 yr olds that shoot 6 ft. He's your man. A.B. met Mike on the Internet & within an hour had his finger up Mike's ass. Lots of different camera shots, there isn't an inch of this guy you don't see, up close! Brad, 18, 6'6", 9' cut, this guy is one big hot man. This is his first time on tape, he had told me about his 9" cock & he wasn't lying, He force fucks his hand with that big dick.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 4 This video starts out with TJ for you die hard TJ fans. He was horny as hell when we shot this so he's out of his clothes & stroking it hard & fast. In the mood to watch some hot sucking? Kevin from Video #3 gets blown by Kyle, a hot 20 yr. old. A.B. shot this awhile back & finally got them to agree to let him use it. Junior decided to pay Auntie Bob another visit & A.B. couldn't resist more tape of his hot cock. Junior decided to pay Auntie Bob another visit & A.B. couldn't resist more tape of his hot cock. Kevin & Kyle are back again to finish off this video. This scene starts off with Kyle giving Kevin head, & ends with Kevin fucking Kyle.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 5 The first 2 scenes on this video are: Kevin stroking his cock, with lots of help from A.B. It's shot on the couch & Kevin cums all over A.B.'s hand. You can see the great look on his face as he shoots his load. Next is TJ in 10 min clip, he was horny that day (big surprise) & just went for it, Scooby Doo boxers & all! Junior Showed up a little later the same day TJ did, he had a need to cum! Auntie Bob was happy to help. You're going to love this next guy; he's a blonde 20 yr. old str8 muscle stud. He is in the next 2 scenes. First scene is Brian stroking his cock solo for A.B. With a couple min of chat as he's stripping, its about 20 min of him stroking that hot cock, lots of different angles & positions, till he is on his knees & shoots his load all over the floor.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 6 This one starts off with Mike (18). He looks like the 18 yr. old that you see hanging out at Taco Bell with his buddies, wearing his baggy pants, his cap backwards & your wondering what he would look like naked & hard. Next up Kevin (18) & Kyle (22) are back for some more hot fun. Kyle doesn't waste any time & strips Kevin out of his shirt & shorts & goes right for that hot cock of Kevin's. Next up is a side-by-side Jack Off fest. We have Junior (20), who has been on a few of A.B.'s tapes & new guy Jason, (18), 6'2", about 195, strawberry blonde, & 9 inches of thick cut cock! This guy is a babe, & what a cock! Next up is Scott, another new guy. He's 24, gay, lean, blonde, with really blue eyes, semi hairy chest & loved showing off his cut & curved 7" in front of A.B.'s camera.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 8 First up is Jr. naked on the bed, he starts soft so you get to see him get hard as he watches porn & strokes his cock. Those of you that have seen Jr. before know that he's usually a bit uptight when he gets taped by A.B. but seeing this time you might think he's starting to get off on it. Mike is next, dressed in jeans, leather motorcycle jacket, & no shirt. This starts out with Mike rubbing his cock through his jeans, but that doesn't last long A.B. grabs that crotch & strips Mike out of those pants just enough to get his hands on that hardening cock. Jr. & Jason are next, kickin back on AB's bed side by side, in their boxers watching some porn. These guys are locker room talk every time they get together, & they are pretty funny to listen to, as well as hot to watch, Jason with his 9" cock, & Jr. armed with his 7". Pretty quick, its drop the boxers pass the lube, & lets get down to business. Not done yet, next is Kevin & Kyle. They start out side by side in their boxers stroking each other's cocks. That doesn't last too long because Kyle wants that hot cock in his mouth & he gets it, he hits his knees & starts to suck on that hot cock of Kevin's.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video 9 Auntie Bob has had a lot of Email asking for a cum shot tape, so here it is plus 2 scenes not on any other tape. This tape is a compilation of 5 - 10 min clips from some of A.B.'s videos; you're not going to hear much chat on this tape. This next is a new scene. A guy that A.B. decided not to use for his video's, yep that's right not using him. Ok next piece of tape is also not on any other A.B. video; it's our bud Mike. He called A.B. & said he had an idea & wanted A.B. to tape him going for it. His idea was this, he wanted to get taped jacking off while fucking himself with a dildo.

Auntie Bob's Amateur Gay Video TJ, is 20, straight, lean, hot, has 8" of cut hard dick, & loves being in front of the camera. About 30 min of him getting himself off on the couch, he takes his time working his way out of his clothes, he really enjoys jacking off, he takes his time & gets off hard. The second scene is about 20 min of TJ on the bed, he couldn't wait to get out of his clothes, and his cock is in his hand less than a minute after I start shooting, he wants to get off & he just goes for it. Shawn he's also 20, & str8, with a build similar to TJ's. This scene starts right in on him jacking off, & the cum shot in this scene is a fairly close shot. Next cummer is A.B.'s favorite muscle boy Brian, 20 years old blonde & washboard abs, & 7 inches of hard cock. He starts dressed, is out of his clothes at A.B.'s request, & is getting it hard through a pair of bikini briefs. He's out of the briefs while he's still soft so you see that cock get all the way hard as he's stroking it. A.B. got some great shots over his shoulder, from behind watching that muscle ass of his. Not done yet, we have Brad to help you shoot another load, he's 19, 6'6", dark hair, & a lean hard 9 inches. This scene starts with Brad on the bed wearing nothing but his boxers, & you can rest assured that his cock is out of the fly in no time at all.

Bad Break Two lovers, one best friend and a relationship torn apart. Michael Parks must reunite them, but how? Sex, of course, lots of it! Watch and find out - will they come together or will it be a bad break.

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Behind The Scenes 6 Irene - Another Brazilian babe shows her fiery Latina passion for taking cock up her tasty rear end.

Big Bear Men This is a J/O film which features big, hairy men over thirty. These guys are in good shape except for a fat, flabby, cigar smoking man who jacks off sitting on a toilet -- he's definitely a sleazy biker type. A hot bearded Daddy begins the film working himself up with tit clamps, a leather jockstrap and a weighted ball stretcher. He works up his nine inch erection until eruption. There is one duo segment which has a couple of buddies exploring ass-play with fingers, a dildo, and the real thing. There is one scene involving a blond. He ends up sucking on a carrot while shoving a fat cucumber up his hairy asshole.

Chokin' The Chicken Hard bodies Marines, Sailors & Surfers are here to jack off & earn cash. They get a little help from the cameraman & from each other.

David David is a work of art. An insatiable young man with a tender heart. 3-ways, 4-ways and 9 "natural" man. Cum check out how this love story ends!

Detroit Fuck City It's Gay Pride Day 2002 and this studly7 straight boy want s to find out just what it's like to be fucked out of his mind and covered with hot gay cum, a must-see experience.

Dude Where's My Spooge This film is all about one boy at a time (ok...scene four has three guys in a circle jerk with some oral fun) stripping down to his birthday suit, getting his cock stiff, and jerking it to a steadfast conclusion. And let me tell you, these dudes can shoot! Even if some don't quite muster up a streaming load, it's guaranteed they'll plunk out something good, white, and creamy.

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Fratboy Video 5 Adam. Conner, Sebastian, Andrew, Doug, & Peter explode on camera for you in this homemade production by Frat Boy Videos!

Gays Of Our Lives 2 Follow Steve along through his daily routine. A routine that includes hard bodied buddies and hot sex!

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Italian Flair Leading fashion photographer, Marco Grossetti, is well known for always pleasing his clients and when summoned by Gianni De Gay, his goal is no different. De Gay is a prominent manufacturer of perfumes, working on a new product he has dubbed Adam & Eve¯. With plans to launch the new fragrance the following autumn, a hunt begins for just the right girls who will become the symbol of his advertising campaign “ she must posses the exact combination of beauty, sexiness & daring. Once again, Private/Penthouse bring you a production several cuts above the ordinary, helmed by Italian director and visionary, Antonio Adamo. We smell another huge success!

Jimmy Rides Again Gay cowboys in lust. Tristen tells about his cowboy encounters and his friends have some too. First Tristen remembers 69ing and getting his ass pounded by hot stud Dominic Sinclair. Michael Brandon (box) and Adam Winter get busy working up Michael's XL cock. This guy has a piece of meat that you'll savor and drool over. Adam takes every inch down his throat and up his hot ready ass. Michael also is a great cock sucker. Next Brandon Steel and Dirk Adams have some hot sucking and fucking. Finally Tristen finds a new love and its Doug Jeffries. Tristen rims Doug's asshole before Doug returns the favor with his hot cock up Tristens hot hole. Juicy and Hot! This video is a good one..

Jude's Law These unique South African hunks show us what it's all about in Cape Town, Sin City by the Sea. The look is 'white boy next door' gone nasty, and features a huge orgy at the end.

Just 2 Str8 When Zack returns he's a little more sedate but good to go he massages his piece through his Jock Strap then lubes up and starts to double-fist his hard cock. Zack's so excited he's ready to shoot in 5 minutes! I warn him to hold off and he obeys - Barely! When he finally cums he erupts like a VOLCANO! It's amazing how he stays ROCK HARD as he starts to dress. Zack from New Jersey - maybe next time.

Love Always PVT Zane why all this whoop-la about Zane? Well, he's cute, he's sexy, he's horny, and he's leaving on a duty rotation to Korea. Yup, that's right, this is the last tape we're going to see with Zane in it for a while and Dink decided that as Zane's last video he wanted to pair him up with Zack. Zack and Zane have been friends ever since they were in that oil wrestling match in Extra Duty #3 but they've never gotten it on by themselves. That's going to change right here...right now!

Mature Kink 15 Did you know that when your grandmother isn't baking cookies for you and your family, she enjoys suckling cock and eating cum. Social security checks just don't go as far as they used to, so what's a granny to do? Watch as your grandma earns a paycheck by degrading herself for the viewing pleasure of others. After all, hasn't she always been a giver?

Max Gold 4 Watch in amazement as Max transforms these once innocent girls into ass reamed, cum slobbering, fuck toys! It's incredible the vile shit he gets them to do! All filmed just for you!!

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Northwest Punk Spunk You've seen 'em whizzin' by like bats outta hell...skateboardin' past you with a zig and a zag, their baseball caps turned backwards. There's that grin and a sneer slapped on their faces...all of them just loaded with attitude. And then, there are more of them...hustlin' on the basketball court, jammin' and jivin' with their smooth moves and easy laugh -- cocky, rough around the edges, hip-hop, drippin' with sass and all the right moves. These are the real street toughs we've all fantasized about. The unpredictable and street-wise type we'd like to take home.

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Roomies Roomies features various scenes with 3 sweet girls. First, there's Sabrina, who can't wait for her live in beau George to cum home. The two of them go at it like rabbits that builds to an explosive climax. Lisa gets interviewed by her potential roomies Mark and Don. They both check out her credentials in a wild three-way. Finally, Crista is an Italian girl who loves cum on her face. Her two roomies work for her over and it's not long before she gets, not one but two, big loads right where she wants it.

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SGT Fuck'em You remember Sgt. Suck 'Em, right? Sgt. Adam Wolfe from Ft. Polk made the trip up to see Dink and found out how much fuckin' fun it is to be a naked grunt on video. Well, now Dink is the one traveling down to the Deep South to check out Sgt. Suck'em's straight roommate. When Brad gets home from his afternoon jog he's confused by this strange guy with a camcorder is in his living room. Adam tries to explain it all, but Dink lays it on the line for him. He tells Brad that he's a hot fucker and he wants to make a video of him naked and jacking off. Brad thinks this bastard's crazy and leave to take a shower. Dink's not that easy to get rid of though and he follows Brad into the shower and almost challenges him to do a better "solo" session than Adam did. Well, that does it. Brad's straight boy honor is at stake so he strips down to reveal his muscled body and long fat uncut cock. Wow, this dude has it all, including a little self-suck talent that no straight-boy should be doing.

SGT Suck'em The video opens with short feature of Zane and his SGT Adam Wolf doing a 2 mile run in the hot morning sun. When they return to the barracks, they talk in the hall for a couple of minutes about the run and working out and then they hit the barracks showers where they playfully watch each other, hoping the other doesn't notice. There is a cute exchange here of them sneaking peeks of each others butt and quickly turning away when the other turns around. Finally, the SGT's cock is rock hard as he watches Zane's pretty ass and he moves in closer. Zane backs up and his ass and the SGT's cock collide. This starts things off with them watching each other without hiding it and finally to Zane dropping to his knees and servicing the Sgt's 8.5" dick. The SGT returns the favor for a few and then Zane finishes off the SGT who blows his hot wad of cum all over Private Zane's face. The SGT leaves the shower and heads for the CQ desk, leaving Zane to jerk out his own wad of cum as he lays in the shower floor moaning "Suck it Sgt" This is a totally hot scene.

Seducin' A Sailor Seaman Teddy...It's very rare to see a sailor in dress whites wandering around an Army town, so when Dink saw Teddy walking down the street his curiosity was piqued. Dink picked up the Seaman Teddy and started a weekend of seduction and sex as Dink and two of his horniest Grunts show Teddy a whole new way of life. Teddy & Zane ... This hot Army man drops by Dink's place unannounced and joins in the party as Dink and Teddy are getting plastered and singing the blues. Teddy's girlfriend screwed up big-time just as Teddy was about to propose to her, so he walked out and said fuck it! Now, with a bottle of vodka close at hand he's downing his sorrows. When Dink goes out to get more cigarettes, Zane and Teddy move into the den and Zane steers the conversation to sex. Teddy is feeling no pain and as Zane starts to test the sailor's limits. He finds that the booze has loosened Teddy up enough to make his move.

Sex In The Park Check out all the hot man lovin' in the park, guilty, naked, hidden, hot, sweaty, nasty, hard sex in the bushes! Lots of facial cumshots too!

Str8 'N' Uniform Zack is a cop and he's straight as a rail, but he's happy to jack off for you¦ twice. Justin is a soldier and beating his meat two times in a row is nothing new¦ even for an audience.

Strokers If you like you men with some hair and a super thick cock then Brandon is what you've been waiting for. He's a straight boy though so he needed some help getting off. Listen as I talk dirty to him and tell him what to do. Watch as he makes love to himself in a mirror and experiments with dildos. Not bad for a straight boy!

The Czech Files This European import is bound to get the juices flowing with this hot steamy action straight out of the Czech republic. So be ready when they come to Czech on the status of your erection!

The Matador Series 3 Anal maestro J.Y. LeCastel and his friends want to buy a big house in the "cuntry". As they get a tour around the house by the sexy estate agent, they encounter the gardener fucking the owner's daughter, the maid, and finally they try to negotiate a discount on the asking price by gangbanging the estate agent!

Toronto Double Dare Lisa and Abbraxa meet up in Toronto for some sexy Jacuzzi fun. Things get out of hand when girls decide to supplement their hot tub fun with a nice golden shower. An unsuspecting bellhop gets pulled into the mix and then the urine really starts flying as the girls initiate him into the world of water sport sex-play.

Try Again Director Mike Donner brings us this 'incorrect' love story of the Gay 90s filled with hot, hungry sex that will make more than just your toes curl. Will love bloom and make dicks hard or will cultures clash?

Wall To Wall Sex 3: Ross' Hot Rod Ross is a good friend & a very horny dude. HTG hooked him up in three super sexy duo sessions & one three-way so that he could slide his long slender cock into some tight asses...boy was he happy!

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Wall To Wall Sex 6: Homo Houseboys In recent years we've had three hot young houseboys working at the HTG ranch. Dennis, Shawn, & Jason. This video follows their antics, alone, with friends, & finally in a big four dude orgy.

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